Joe is a digital media strategist who has the seldom-used power of bringing party conversations to a record-scratching halt by mentioning that he has a Ph.D. in philosophy. Where he once wrote about just war theory and ethics for audiences that numbered well into the double digits, he now knows all about digital communications courtesy of his job as director of digital media strategy at Eastern Research Group.

In between writing philosophy papers no one read and trying to convince government agencies that the PDF is not the Platonic form of information on the web, Joe was VP for communications at The Century Foundation. In that role, he put together a fantastic team that was starting to lead the way on digitally-native, longform research reports…right up until said staff was poached by much sexier new media companies. He also spent some time as managing web editor at the Congressional Budget Office, a position that mostly consisted of explaining to his colleagues that the ’90s were over. Even earlier, he was a staff writer at FactCheck.org, where he was able to verify first hand that the President does in fact have a real, live birth certificate.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys hiking, reading and/or watching science fiction, hanging out in coffee shops, cooking, running, sipping bourbon, giving a fuck about Oxford commas, and writing about himself in the third-person.

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