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Ah, Moderation

What should one say, really, about the mild uproar over John Edwards’ hiring of Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan? For those out there who don’t know (all three of you), Marcotte blogs at Pandagon while McEwan blogs at Shakespeare’s Sister. It seems that these two very well-known, funny, insightful and extremely intelligent women bloggers have been known to (gasp!) say some over-the-top things about Christian conservatives. And it seems, too, that a few right-wing bloggers then decided to throw a hissy fit that the Edwards campaign would dare to hire such dangerous, out-of-control threats to all of society.

I could point out that the folks making the complaint happen to be Michelle Malkin (she of, c’mon-internment-camps-weren’t-so-bad fame) and Bill Donohue (of “Hollywood is controlled by secular Jews who hate Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular” fame). But everyone else has made this point already.

Or I might point out that rightwingers say all sorts of hateful, crazy, false things and still remain perfectly acceptable within the Republican mainstream (see Limbaugh, Rush; Hannity, Sean; and my personal fav, Coulter, Ann). But again, that’s all been said, too.

So maybe I’ll do something different. I, a good liberal, and Edwards supporter, hereby declare that John Edwards should fire Marcotte and McEwan. We can’t have people saying nasty things about religious conservatives now, can we? So fire them now. Yes, I know that you already came out in support of them, but change your mind and fire them.

Then you can hire me to take their place. Everybody wins. Except of course Marcotte and McEwan. But they blog on sites with lots of readers, so I don’t really feel all that bad for them.

Unless of course they keep their jobs. In which case, ignore all this. And please put my blog on your blogroll. Please.

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