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Content Strategy, Philosophy, and a Bit More Philosophy

After going nearly a year (yikes!) without really writing much—or at least not much that I published under my own name—suddenly this week, I have two new pieces out.

At WonkComms, I make the case for smarter content that helps Google answer questions rather than just offer up links to pages. Much of that piece was inspired by a fantastic workshop on adaptive content, led by Noz Urbina at Confab last month.

And new this morning: my first-ever piece for The Pastry Box Project. This one is a lot more personal. I talk a bit about my winding path from academia into this whole weird world of content strategy.

On a side note: I still can’t quite believe they actually accepted my piece. Every time I look at the list of contributors, this clip starts playing in the back of my brain.

Oh, and one more note: we launched the redesigned ERG homepage this week, too. Still the same old site under the hood, but: progress. Next stop: a CMS. (I know.)

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